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Recycling Appeal

Posted on January 24th, 2013 by Site Administrator

Recycle your printer cartridges and raise funds for the 1st Ilfracombe Scout Group

Dear Parents & Guardians,
We have recently become a member of the Recycling Appeal. Not only does recycling protect the environment, it can also raise money for our Scout group.
Please would you bring into Beavers, Cubs or Scouts any used inkjet or toner printer cartridges. We can send them to the Recycling Appeal and exchange them for cash.
Please ask friends and family to give their used cartridges to you. Even ask at work if you can have their old cartridges. The more we collect the more money we will raise to spend on activities for our children.
This is an on-going appeal which means anytime you have used cartridges please bring them in.
We can accept all original manufacturer inkjet and toner cartridges except for Epson, Xerox and Kodak. Unfortunately we cannot send back compatibles.
If you would like further details of the Recycling Appeal go to:
Let’s see how much money we can raise

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