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Sponsored Shove

Posted on May 6th, 2011 by Site Administrator

“Amazing!” Joggers and walkers using the Tarka Trail in Ilfracombe last Wednesday were astonished to see what was probably the longest bicycle in North Devon wobble past as we  held our “Sponsored Shove”. Duncan, Joel and Max took things easy while Chris (at the back – the only one with a chain) did all the work. The longest bike was closely followed by an eclectic mix of vehicles and characters as they all trundled along their 2 kilometer course. Pushchairs (why is the baby pushing Mum ?), supermarket trolleys (with permission of course!), racing cars, mobility aids, handcarts, traditional karts and a unique skateaway rocking horse rolled along raising funds for Shelterbox and much needed camping equipment for us, which will be used at the “Run 2 the Fun” Camp in South Devon at the end of this month.

Working in teams or pairs, we had to provide our own vehicle which had to be powered by one “pusher” while other team members rode on the vehicle. The riders were not allowed to touch the ground while the vehicle was moving, but we could stop and swap roles whenever we wanted. Kieron and Sunny indicate they are ready for takeoff, while Charlotte and Katelyn warm up their formula one and three quarters car.

Peter and Will under starters orders with their amazing skateaway rocking horse, while Ollie settles down for a relaxing evenings jousting with Callum not quite so sure about all this. They asked permission to use the trolley and the local supermarket said they could. That’s their story anyway and they are sticking to it!

On the left, Issy assures George that his braking system will work and George assures Issy that he has driven one of these before. Hmmm.

 Jamie and Prentice are clearly about to give their mobility aid a road test it was never designed for. It survived and so did they. Just.  Even Max can laugh about his  nettle rash now.

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